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Logo Camping La Rocca

New and modern toilets for everyone. Adults, children and…. four-legged friends.

The spaces intended to accommodate the toilets were completely renovated in 2020. The intervention was designed to meet everyone’s needs by creating large, modern spaces equipped with all comforts. The new spaces have services for adults and children. The spaces for children are furnished with sanitary fittings compatible with their height and decorated with images and graphics from the world of fairy tales.

In the renovated complex we have dedicated a specific space to our 4-legged friends: it has a large pool and access stairs.


The total area of ​​the renovated bathrooms is 320 square meters, 30 of which are reserved for children; inside there are 24 showers, 20 toilets and 30 sinks equally divided between women and men.

Both service groups are equipped with new ventilation systems for air exchange and humidity control, as well as low-consumption LED lighting and electric hand dryers.

For added comfort, the shower sections are separated from the toilet sections by automatic sliding doors.

Outside (but still roofed) there are sinks for dishes equipped with hot and cold water.